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Related article: Date: Monday, October 19, 2009 15 44th 0100 44 From: Tom u003camias09 FastMail. fm u003e Subject : Brief Encounters Chapter 40 Brief Encounters - The saga continues... ! eekkk First, the obligatory warnings and disclaimers - not to read into the fund, if unresponsive naughty sexual exploits of a young teenage student. the characters are fictional and not shown explicitly on the basis of a person... although, if you suddenly s in the center of the story Just think how happy she This is supposedly a work of fiction, albeit with some memories of my days of s own school and some of the most unspoken fantasies that I n and my "best friends " admitted only rarely, when we were playing in this very special, trust, and it was certainly innocent. Now it's hard to imagine what it was, no Internet immediately to help conjure up fantasies of the images, webcams, or stories based entertain. Our sex life was completely dependent on a very intimate imagexamination and therefore able to create our own fantasies Friends usually based and what we saw happening under the table or in the locker room ! I am no apologies for the fact that underwear prominently in this story, because quite honestly it did, was very visible, and n is a tangible link that has developed between us and our fascination with sex! It is important to remember that apart from very rare sexual extroverts, never dared to mention n is the problem because they are easy to install, and no one understood he what is happening to us anyway! could be a story about the age of discovery - usually in bed - on If you share a room with a brother, then a discovery to be in the bad \\ \\ n into account for the ! time of writing the story itself is not ready yet, and the n better or worse, has now become a work of some length, but I'm n regularly for updates, and there is more than enough to keep written pages works! Nifty require a text file so that if the FORMATTEDING or punctuation go slightly above the stream, now I know why! And while the script several reasons that had the names of characters have to change, so I hope of continuity, are now correctly Finally, I hope you enjoy and please please leave me a comment o suggestions, and for some of you, that could run a memory or two three, if you're lucky... I was intrigued to know Tom E -mail : amias09 FastMail. fm ******************************************* ******************************************* ***** ** ** **** Chapter 40 - Saturday run around as always in his childhood, expelled the hot summer days without rest, in fact, as inexorable as the guy who is done with her ​​morning ritual tug. would be a very special day. Not only that, did a lot panties in order to use it as cumrag, but it was the day his father had n promised to take him shopping. Clean semen, do not wipe well as spots in the womb with a specially selected paipee r looking for the smallest, written stained Woolworths had wondered who bears past. He had a better pay more attention in the locker room ! With that thought still running by the head, pulled his pajama bottoms again, rolled over on his front and gently hump the bed as the last drop of semen gushed gradually, while half hour of sleep sleep in the room next door, when Simon was not so happy. Far from it. after such a short time his body finally came to accept that premature was what he had with the kind permission of the excesses and a very sore dick, almost immediately stopped all activity of masturbation. However, the genitals of his s, and now fully taken immediately, if not continued action was decided that another night was broadcast by relieve pressure caused by the constant increase your erection ! It was a woke up very unhappy child, his hand slipped under the covers just found his little cooperationck, how difficult and painful than ever. But worst of all n seemed wrapped in order not attached to a nasty pajamas n sticky mixture of children and Savlon cum definitely a case of three steps forward and back four. Simon was able to believe what had happened to him and began to wish he had never heard about masturbation in the first place. While his friends were all seems to be very fun, it was really suffering and it seemed as if now that I was able to join until you do anything this weekend. Carefully place the blanket, which was the smell of a mixture of welcome Savlon dry sperm were pajama pants, the fact blanket and he was pulling the material queue, where it had been got stuck. Why him ? That was very humbling, I could think of trust also in art! He checked his watch, nine mentally 32nd set a deadline, was the Lolita Pictures countdown of ten second-hand seconds before ths pajamas and rips it off the tail. " Simon is everything OK? " Ted Lolita Pictures was nearing the end of the ladder and about how to do shop when he heard, to reach a special cry room of Simon. Simon looked at his hard cock, which looked, smelled and felt terrible. Humiliating or not the latest development was the straw that n and had no shame, he had sent to the left. Now it was all the same. "Dad.. " he cried plaintively. "Please enter " " Now I'm here, what is ? " Ted came into the room and went to bed. "One moment I pull the curtains, I can barely see something like this. " A. Flicker, Simon was sitting upright with the blue striped pajama pants around his knees " Oh, poor child is going, now what ? " Ted sat on the bed and watched. "Oh, my ​​god.. y.. HHMM seems..... had a wet dream as n it? " " Yer. Is that WOT is called ? In s the night. Now that is hurting all the time. "said Simon quietly. a tearrunning down his cheeks, "WOT is the problem.. is daddy is not worse better? Can he improve? " " Of course it is. " Ted leaned forward, "But I have to say honestly do are worse today. " to move out of bed and put his Lolita Pictures arm around him thought Ted n should be easier to form this bond. " I know Mom 's going to get an ointment from the pharmacy in the morning, why do You do not have a quick bath and then put it in the future? " "Mmm good. " Simon nodded. " Will you stay ? " " for a few minutes if you like. " " I'll be fine, it's just... it's getting worse and I can all.. "smelled " that can not even walk anywhere. I can not see me mates n or do nothing. " " Look, what to try, old pants, clothes a little loose and then no pants.. you do not need to know, know that " Ted 's smile reassuring. "So does not matter if the ointment on it and also, I think it might be Keep rubbing Is there a treat, not the use of your letter the other day did it work?" "No! " ", and not stay in bed all day, right? " " No, let's try it then. "Simon smiled through her ​​tears. All emotion had driven art sleeping sex excited. rolling on his back, pulled down the blanket with his feet to create a the axis of the most rancid, semen smell the air, more gently on it and n. is the wrinkled nose of this, then the measurement of the new groups looked stained pajamas and finally realized that s on top of lies slightly damp. underwear was full of semen. after he thought he had thrown out of bed, it is obvious that there was and now that he tight of its viscous contents spread over the bottom sheet. If it does from n and then throw him under the bed under the bottom sheet very soon the transfer of the stain cold milk back into your pajamas! in fact, it s only the beginning of another normal day. " Oh shit! "He said, accidentally brushing his hand across the seat Cummy pajamas and message discoverys. He got up and scratched his tail, n was once just before the half of all the evil eye to And had chosen to use against that day. Collect for the rest of your wardrobe wandered around the room and finally walked into the bathroom are not aware that the pajamas glued to his back still stained by sticky seeds. Lock the bathroom door, looked in the mirror. Not a pretty sight and not helped by the smell of semen, in fact, was a good show terrible. Oler, left his pajama bottoms, where he looked hardening cock now admire. Been the cause of the odor , obviously another person, day and night constantly shaken would require at least a small degree of personal hygiene. Her pubic and that s hair is matted with semen solidification ultimately became clear that it is necessary to to wash a bit. That would do the trick, and may be an advantage to smell a little sweeter when you shop withthe father of her s. In addition to the art world on Sunday night was bath night regardless, so why spend more effort in an extra bathroom and unnecessary especially as he hated to clean semen from the sides of the tub n limps on the toilet with pajama Cummy still around his ankles, that success, success followed with piss on the toilet seat on the wall tiles, the purpose of their erection increasingly more complicated. After Lolita Pictures had a very superficial wiped the board with toilet paper, while duck served with her ​​bare butt in the air only to harden his cock extra. It was no surprise that the time was swinging back to the sink to clean his teeth with his left hand was lost behind n rub cracked. Sex governed. Toothpaste drip everywhere is clean teeth while your fingers in the ass and drag your erection n edge of the cup of cold porcelain. Then he had an idea. Well, the beginning anyway. Tiptoed that flowsged his penis and testicles in the top of the toothpaste lift indoor pool to wash. That was the theory, but in the practice after his right hand with his mother, especially slippery Soap was the willpower to resist rubbing the tip of the tail was vaporized fast. Brainstorming had a brainstorm and promised to be a very difficult maneuver, if sticky. balance on the toes with one hand fingers in the ass was the other hand as a substitute ass filled too tightly around his escape from the tap. It was with some skill, got the position at all, and finally rested his hand with soap on the edge of the pool n but grip his cock. With eyes closed, rounded hips in a fucking motion n as he was pulling imagine the tight little ass, n belonged to Ian and that Ian finger, which was his ass! understandably not take it anymore as a dozen lines through its soft fist tightly closed beforeshuddered and shot his second load of the drops toothpaste in the morning in the pool and in the mirror behind. If this feeling of forcing his cock, although some hot, hole narrow, slippery n was like real sex, he wanted. wrong. badly. Maybe tomorrow will be the day ? He could talk, Ian in it? If not, now he is, and Nigel was so rapid advance past the stage of mutual masturbation, then Nigel certainly game to try something new. Full of these thoughts and with his tail still as iron, was tried account, cum for the third time, when a loud explosion came at the door. ", art, hurry up what are you doing there? " Ted, having escaped Simon, and now the need to urinate. He added that breath " As if I do not know! " " Errr... aahhh ! " type gasped out indicative of being caught in the act and then confirmed naive to answer: "I'm doing.. uh.. And my father the teeth is not a minute!. " Oh, sweet youth ! Ted smiledto himself. Well, something was running, probably ot directly! What had he done to not only have one, but two children, in turn to be compulsive masturbator ? for fun Ted according to various surveys and finally opened the door groans. Type dress, but still looking disheveled looked cautiously pretending for all he was worth, I looked in the rule, as if it had been caught masturbating with her ​​finger in the ass. "No Dad, it's all yours. " Personifies innocence. continued trying to sound too Cummy pajamas and very relaxed, moved escape sideways and smiled as he could. That made ​​him smile with it. " Thanks. " Looked Ted in it, because it always looked like an unmade bed. Meanwhile, Ted have not found it very hard to laugh, it is not uncommon, where kind in question the whole situation was a bit surreal. ", art, that it might be better than flying alone, before you go shopping! " In reality there. The fly was open and as his erection was so strong n at once white but now stained panties pee pushed out of the opening Enter the heart almost stopped, his face turned from red to white. He did not move the head, just looked down and open your mouth. " Oh.. ffff... " n "We are in a few minutes to go, then? " Ted said quickly disappear in the bathroom and closed the door before dissolving in laughter. No be damaged by aging, even masturbation constant and type I see it as part of its growth. Above all, it was very natural, and is not something to be ashamed, however, even if they had asked, , as is practiced by type appeared ! But Simon could need some guidance and he had learned his lesson? " Who's there? " Art asked cautiously, thinking he heard a knock on her bedroom door. He was still trying to decide where to hide the pajamas and Cummy frantically to put under the pillow, sometimes wiped his hands off the at the same time. The door opened slowly,Ted stuck his head and smiled. " I'm sorry son, it was so obvious. " " Oh Dad, but yo.. no... " she stammered nervously sticky and type n in the back of his fingers brushed jeans. Avoid contact with eyes, looked down and check that your flight was connected. Was. But there was one, but " I... you know. " " Yes, I know very well! But.. " she smiled Ted and then stopped a moment to remember pants type. They may have been set , but his erection was as hard as before, was the zip incident. This guy was a sex machine, which he had inherited from ? Certainly that was not as bad as this in the way of old age! Or was there ? Ted tried again. ", but.. me.. " This was the measure of what it was. Barely manage a straight face, I had to up, it was ridiculous. " But WOT? " Art knew something was going on and it was not just his cock. Quick recheck looked, his flies were definitely fixed. Yes fixed, but the lump was still there. Was that what fun to his fatheror was it both ? Art looked up and fell into his eye. From what I knew of his friends a parents was clear to him how lucky he was the father to have a liberal attitude toward sex and a great sense of humor. The art began to smile again, fact it felt like hugging, but the kids do not have to ! Ted smiled return benevolence very similar in number of a child. recalling him so much of himself at that age, plus of course the fact, because was never a dull moment when art is coming! " I will, I will keep you in 10 minutes and then we'll see. " Ted was not say if they laughed. " Yer. Law. " Art looked visibly relieved. No evidence of its continuing masturbation or as provided at present may not be what he amused by his father. But what was it? "Good. " N He smiled again and Ted fixed with a special look that has taken him of so many problems. Despite the absurdity of the situation, he blinked and Ted knew I had to leave the room. as hand loved that child. ", but.. " he said before quickly disappearing across the landing, " but you can clean the mirror on the way down !" He In neighboring Tom fell asleep and woke up to the unavoidable Assembly and, interestingly, had his hands under the covers. According to Alex, the most enthusiastic response to the jungle adventure that had spent most of last night, thinking about it and then plan how to get it all organized in time for Sunday. so to fully capture the spirit of the thing and not pajama pants, but there was na bed in his underwear off white pants at the top ! Much later fell asleep still should have been rubbing his hands over his land and the lines of his letter did Imaging after each of his friends in turn. Then, of course, would have to explore all possible means of entry into the pants, legs, back to the n and of course in the front. at midnighthad any visible permutation possible and keep your erection was almost two hours without ever cumming. It was time, he had just cum. Lie is dreaming, Alex with one hand on the leg of the pants rubbing his penis through his shorts as the other wound on the back of the is the shorts of the fingers her ass. Then his overactive mind had one last idea, I had to prove to the icing on the cake or to be precise, the sperm n pants, only a sudden desire to do just that and then sleep in them. In the morning light, he pulled the waistband of his shorts and black n appeared was the bump on their foreheads - and still is not right, and that seeds smell of sweat and moisture. This was the first time I masturbated n and not to clean the semen, much less sleep in his underwear. is felt surprisingly found to slip Lolita Pictures his cock before finally drive to sleep and definitely a repeat ! You just pray the mother of his s not check ths dirty clothes, or close the n probably in orbit. closed her eyes and thought of the forest. Part of the Forest Plan , I was happy that most of the great unknown, only the would be the victim and called everyone who had little sticky hands! The good news is that the issues it was decided later in the n be affected when a little clever twist I thought. As expected that would be looked at the alarm. 00 tenth clock is gone, but it was Saturday and the n Once there was no rush to get up, he heard, but seemed to no sound in the house of all. I was aware of his father to go to the city before he had assumed that his mother had to do what mothers have probably makes a cake or ironing your underwear, as always \\ \\ n shorts. They had more than a couple of years and fascinated attention s of the other guys ! Even the word makes your penis throb , pushed the blanket down, and tThe elastic short again, then looked down and breathed deeply. That was it, the smell and , then the vision to see their dry seed cotton, which is not in a position of resistance will Lolita Pictures cum again and without thinking at times like na \\ \\ how do you explain that you should always notice her mother. Slowly began masturbate to dream again as before, it was Alex, his hand was in them. These thoughts were soon reached, when something much more risky and daring Lolita Pictures was going through his head. When the semen on the panties again, he can dare to be worn under shorts thickness for the rest of the day and feel sliding his cock as he moved around? The smell, which Lolita Pictures has one ? Alex also had a long hard night endured, spinning, in fact, entirely from Tom to go to the jungle, the idea of consumption deposit. Of course, like Tom, who had long been masturbating a little color in your idea of ​​how wild the night before and again that the morning when he awoke, the differenceit is cleaned an old handkerchief Running breakfast because I could not wait for the cycle Tom around to see if among them who never tired of his friends the plan into action. Cycling for all he was worth it get in record time, relying on the bike front garden wall and walked rapidly to the front door. The doorbell was the mother of Tom, who said : welcomed obvious that Tom was a quiet morning, while still in his bed n. Appear disappointed to hear soon to take to the track and proposed knew that Alex would like to go and get that to do something Alex was more than happy to think that while Tom could to be even in bed, may be in a different sense of the word. How is right! If progressive attracted very quietly down the stairs of the dark red carpet with white beaten shorts for little Alex donkey, elegant window, bright blue Y fronts with a white border. He had not realized that reveals thESE old, worn shorts sets, in effect, might as well does not take ! Maybe I should have taken her back, however, for those who wanted to demonstrate that it has an irresistible look. Once the ingredients of a good thief, he was silent out of Toms room. Well, it was a joke played his ear or was weak friction noises from the inside? Uncertain, is said to be the sound of the friction and therefore as good an excuse as any rubbing his own erection was in sympathy. This highlights just one small problem, not just the short, to the point that practically see-through use, but had no pockets to play, not by the tail to this was really much of an option or press them through the material in the front, or put your hand on the forehead. However, strain to hear what you entered Tom 's room, I decided to put his hand in short and written in fluffy head between your thumb and index finger while rubbinglistened and waited. Wait, what if? After a minute he thought even that was a good question ! When Tom is masturbating away quietly, then he wanted to see him again, and even help you finish ! Remove the hand of his shorts, he took a deep breath, grabbed the doorknob and suddenly burst into the room. Tom was lying on his bed, his eyes were closed in concentration, , the covers were off and collided with the white pants were the knees for n. His right hand n by the departure of his pants and slid his left hand passes through the elastic leg seemed to disappear n to his ass. Could Alex could not believe it. N Search for Tom in his underwear because it was a fantasy of his mouth covered favorite masturbation literally speechless open in astonishment. Tom on the other side was staring, immobile, frozen and had all the n but whitened with fear! looked for a moment, Alex slowly moved to the bed lookedFace Tom had actually experienced a little heart stopping moment. Although, in reality, what had frightened Tom was completely his first thought was that it was his mother, who had entered the room! something to be feared by all students in the Age of masturbating Alex could be on the edge of the bed, bit her lip and looked at his face Tom was still white with shock "sorry... I do not want to do this for you..... it was a joke. " Finally, Tom took a deep breath and looked into the eyes of Alex. Gradually and deliberately put his hand on his knee, which was like an electric crash. Alex shook. " You stupid boy ! " known whether the sentence as a term of endearment or Alex said not know what to say. " Tom.. " " Ssshh, shut up. Are you afraid to fuck with blood out of me.. I, , who was my mother! " Sounded Tom very hoarse. "Oh shit! But now yer here, why do no grass to put me... I was about to end, when it burst " Alex clenched his fists, foughttears, supported and embraced n him. " Shit, I thought.. " " Well, he did not. " Tom put his arms around him and lifted her hips the bed, his cock in shorts Alex grind, " and now you have to pay for it!" cried Alex for joy and hugged Tom even more! " fuck the love that 's gonna kill me ! " Tom laughed, cried, "I 'm going to do , I dreamed I was last night," Lolita Pictures "You Me ? "n Alex was most likely due to be overcome, had not thought that Tom still fantasize about him now that Martin had appeared in his little world. "But on WOT Martin.. I.. " " You silly sod ! WoT it? Let's share it.. " laughed Tom, "and the n , at the same time! Well you want to be the front or the back ! " there was no time to respond. Tom 's hand had already made an entry to lighten the legs Alex shorts and started rubbing her ass through her ​​pants. " in yer shorts Are you ready then? " "Yes, I 've got is your disability ? Do you like this all night? " Alex eturned a favor and put his arm under the body of Tom to reach its peak. " YER.. " Tom smiled not see that Alex was, " I have used in my pants and slept in them! " " Wow! " Why smell ! "Alex was shocked," Cor, I've always tried but was afraid, my mother can be found after the chaos. "N " I could not help meself.. wearing these shorts, which made " Tom said excitedly," And, you know, what we do now " " No, " " "! with Tom grabbed Alex and fell short on s on her knees and then rubbing the butt of his hand, blue cotton more on Alex 's crack down, as it did. Alex moaned with pleasure. " And now this! "Without warning, he put his hand under the elastic with a finger the way it constantly pushes Alex hot ass. " ! I hope your ass is clean, but do not really care, "continued Before Alex could answer Tom:" And then this.. " Alex pulling him violently and humping your straining line against Alex Brief n, "Now I want you both to cum in your pants at the same time! " "Jesus! " so sacred to pronounce words that Alex had reason, he was in the way to heaven. "shitOoh! " Grimaced Tom and Alex 's fingers, which retaliated and forced him to be more the sphincter and with what was obviously considerable practice easy to find his prostate, but cause them to orgasm. " I 'm running... I 'm running... ohh shit ! " Tom was almost over the edge, " Tell me if you are Beac...... cumm " is too late. " Ahh... shit... oohhh... " Despite the excitement and Alex Tom had found ' prostate and found a way never before! The answer was at the moment, came in the form of a large hot water tank sperm spit around the inside of Alex blue pants, clean, no feel Alex 's body trembling in the middle of orgasm was the cue for Tom ejaculating for the second time in his underwear is still moist. exhausted Alex was in Tom silentland holds it for a few minutes slowly n cum soaked fresh hot underwear to match among them. Finally, Alex rolled to the edge of the bed. His short films have been now hang in the leg, was surprised to see, such as the front taking Lolita Pictures into account their pants so wet that he ejaculated before. " Tom! WoT I do ", it appeared again, " my pants are all wet look ! In this short guys! Oh shit.. and I Mom?" He began to laugh Tom " is what you wanted, right? Here, you have to look at me WOT is a kind of stain that s about some more! " This Tom stood although quite variable, and placing the palm of your part of the large wet stain on his pants, rubbed them all to spread juice in your stomach and then wiped his hand on the back of your panties. " Now, just take short yer see? And it's not too much to enjoy cum by" Alex smiled, it was really silly, and others feel good certainly did not do much to help matters! However, stWood and repeated the year, finally pulled his shorts with instructions. " Hey, it feels a little weird walking around with their pants sticky", that smiled. "But.. it does not smell a bit? " " No, I do not. " Tom was sniffing the air and quite oblivious to the fact that the boundaries bedroom a very sexually active children, would be very difficult smell nothing but pubescent boy cum! " Well, I'm going to brush my teeth and stuff. This hanging here and then No need to see who we can get to come Lolita Pictures tomorrow afternoon. " once out of the room and Alex had heard the door near the bathroom, that Tom leaned over the bed and pulled back the covers. It was something that had n dreamed the other night, he stared at the bottom sheet and smiled when he saw the small cream-colored spots. He was not alone! Flexion about with his nose almost touching the paper of his cock engorge began again, slipping easily into Cummy lingerie, as it was. lu lateng a sort of applause was a big hit back shopping trip and immediately disappeared into his room to check the purchases before attempting to slide his erection at the new king ! that s left their father to attend the meeting with Simon ointment anointing. After earlier proposals Simon had an old pair of blue short and had found the state despite its tail, there is something exciting stroll with nothing under it. He was in the garden was sitting with her legs apart enjoy the feeling of wind in the queue when Ted left and told him that he is now the ointment. " Do you want to put it, " " Umm, do not know dad, it bites. " Simon looked a little worried: "Why do not now, I'll see meself and do that next time. " " still loves me, are you sure ? " " Well, you see, now is it? "Simon blushed and shrugged shoulders. " Yes, I know," he said smiling, " and honestly I can not imagine how having it done well. Just think about how an injury, there is no need to install n. "N " I know. But I know, "and Simon went to his bedroom. " In fact, it would be like me! Who does not ? "Ted hit him in the butt, since n up the stairs. " Let's do it. " How Miraculously, Simon tail down, the operation n much less embarrassing for him. The ointment does not sting and it was very positive that the application three times a day before go to bed, did he do that n Simon asked about something he had thought in the morning n most of the. " dad, I was about.. umm.. Think " Ted wiped his fingers, which appears to be another father and son time? Between the two boys is a lot of them are later. "is about, what ? " " Umm, well you know.. on.. and. " " No, I do not know, I think is going to have to tell me that I might be wise n but I'm not a mind reader ! " Simon, he smiled and visibly relaxed after a few secondsSked. "Dad, This morning, you said something about a dream.. dream.. WOT WOT type You have that? I do not understand. " "What? Oh, yes. ¿ you mean if I said I had a wet dream is ? " pause Ted, I did not want to go to Simon as questions, as was had apparently thought about the issues for some time and finally the courage to ask, started. Much better if the correct information students primarily based on the myth. " Let's start from the beginning. " sat on the bed next to Simon. "The practice of Mira, , remember joking about you, right? " Simon nodded seriously and nodded, " Yer. " " And then you have found anything to do with finally, something that the practice of has happened? do you really know what the words mean and masturbate ejaculate? "n " I think so. "Simon flushed with embarrassment. ", I said then. " Said Ted. On the bottom of Simon cleared his throat. "Umm.. Masturbation uum.... sorta.. oh.. rub Dad!" " OK, if we have students in LANGUAGEAge, then masturbation masturbation n or as he calls it a joke to practice the other day! " nodded Simon and looked down. Why do they always ask. " Right now, if you spend enough you masturbate ejaculate, that is, if that produce sperm that makes babies. And we both know that there are n It was not until recently to do in the situation that now, right? " " Yer, I spose. " He coughed. What to do for a recording. His face was red and eyes closed, had to clarify something in his head, This sex thing was very confusing. " But, Dad, so... Ejaculation is the noble word ,.. running? " " Yes, indeed. "Ted put his arm around him : " I'd rather have learned all right to me, that you should never not be ashamed, you know dass " " I know. "Simon looked at him, then it is not red or a smile," But I am and I to do! " " Do not worry. Well, we just need to finish this. Physically, they were, s of a child, a man, for the first ejaculation is the great turninThe G-spot. You see that? " More nods. " But now that the body has not indicated that they worked very premature to only happen if you masturbate. So sometimes when you started to able to ejaculate, she does it for you without asking. "Ted looked at him: " If this makes sense now. " Nodded Simon, it really was " Yer, I begin to understand. " " But, " concluded Ted, " Your body will do only if asleep. And then when you wake up and find a bit of a mess, , as this morning. And is what is traditionally considered a Lolita Pictures wet dream. Once your body is classified in the coming months or more, , then it could never have another. " The mysteries of life is explained. " Dad, I was worried.. I.. " " I suspected you were. "Ted smiled and goes up :" Now I have to do some things. " " Yer only. "Simon got up and wrapped her arms around his neck. ############################## # # # ################################# Chapter 41 to follow
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